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Outsourcing and Security-16

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-155558306-4/50021-4
  • Law


Publisher Summary This chapter covers the basics of outsourcing with a strong focus on security-related issues. There are several security-related issues to consider when developing a service contract. The contractor's security policies and practices might not be adequate when compared with those of one's organization. This can result in some very undesirable circumstances—undetected intrusions, lack of predictable data and configuration integrity, and loss of privacy for sensitive information. The contractor delivery process, as it relates to security specifically, is covered in the chapter, as are specific areas of concern throughout the contracting process. The nondisclosure agreement is a formal, written declaration of one or more parties' intent to agree to be legally bound not to divulge confidential or proprietary information received from another party. Statements of work and professional services agreements are analyzed for an understanding of their meaning and importance.

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