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Japans Umweltgesetzgebung im internationalen Vergleich unter besonderer Berücksichtigung umweltpolitisch interessanter Regelungssysteme

WZB Berlin
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  • Ddc:300
  • Ecology
  • Geography


While the process of environmental disruption in Japan has become a topic of world-wide concern, reports on positive tendencies, which nonetheless exist, have been sadly neglected. As a matter of fact, Japan has made most astonishing efforts in environmental policy to avoid committing ecological hari-kari. These efforts, in particular, will be described here. After a brief outline of Japan's ecological Situation its environmental regulatory Systems, for substantial problem areas are discussed giving Special attention to those regulations that - in an international comparison - are outstanding or unique. Especially air pollution control policy, is dealt with in detail, also considering its effects on environmental policy by means of trend indicators With the air of developments of environmental policies in major industrial nations regulatory gaps in Japan are identified. Finally, a Short characterization of Japanese environmental policy is given.

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