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Criteria of Cultural Value Judgement and Literary Culture

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  • 문화
  • 문학적 문화
  • 구원적 진리
  • 자문화중심주의
  • 포스트모던 부르주아 자유주의
  • 세계화
  • Culture
  • Literary Culture
  • Redemptive Truth
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Postmodernist Bourgeois Liberalism
  • Globalization
  • Communication
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Social Sciences


The fact that globalization accelerates the speed of communication between various cultures and extends the width of interchange between them, makes us concern on the issues of acculturation, cultural identity and conflicts between different cultures. I have tried to figure out which alternatives we could have and which arguments those alternatives could have, when there are conflicts between different cultures. It seems to me that Richard Rorty"s alternative which claims to alter philosophical culture into literary culture, has efficacy and originality. In order to figure out the consequences and significances of Rorty"s alternative, I have compared it with the viewpoint of Habermas. While Habermas argues that in order to settle the conflict we have to start with universal criteria, Rorty thinks that we have to make novel metaphor which will make the old values look nonsense. While the former emphasizes common ground, the latter regards novelty and diversity as an important matter. I have argued that Rorty"s alternative is supported by Brandom, who suggests inferentialist philosophy of language, and Geertz, who regards cultural study as a meaning constituting hermeneutical investigation.

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