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Compatibility of SiCf/SiC composite exposed to liquid Pb–Li flow

Journal of Nuclear Materials
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2011.06.016


Abstract SiC f/SiC composites are candidate structural and functional materials for fusion blankets, attractive for their potential application for higher temperature liquid metal blankets compared to the range possible for metallic materials. However, the experimental data on the long term compatibility of SiC f/SiC composites with high temperature liquid metal is inadequate. To acquire parametric data on the compatibility of NITE SiC f/SiC composites with a high temperature liquid metal stream, the corrosion behavior was examined in liquid Pb–Li using a rotating disk apparatus. The materials used in this study were exposed to relative flow velocity of ∼10–37 cm/s at 900 °C for 1000 h. Oxidation layers were detected on the matrix and fiber near the surface exposed to liquid Pb–Li at 900 °C for 1000 h. Additional results for shorter exposure times and relationship to flow velocity are discussed.

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