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[Thirteen women who were members of the First Baptist Church.]

Publication Date
  • Alma Oshields
  • Print
  • Photographic
  • Vita Mulcahy
  • Stella Haman
  • Ruth Freeman
  • Mrs. Ray
  • Molli Freeman
  • Miss Samson
  • Miss Cook
  • Miss Able
  • Mertyl Holloway
  • Lila Goar
  • Emma Haman
  • Edith Ray
  • People - Groups
  • Religion - Churches


Photograph of thirteen women who were members of the First Baptist Church of Rosenberg. Names of the women are on the back of the postcard. Names believed to be in order statring with front five. Names are Miss Able, Miss Samson, Miss Cook, Mrs. Ray, Edith Ray, Emma Haman, Mertyl Holloway, Stella Haman, Molli Freeman, Lila Goar, Ruth Freeman, Vita Mulcahy, Alma Oshield.

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