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Letter from Aaron Cohodes, Instructional Dynamics Incorporated to Joshua Lederberg

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Instructional Dynamics Incorporated l 166 East Superior Street l Chicago, llllnois 60611 l 312/943-l 200 IDI 13 December 1968 Professor Joshua Lederberg Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford, California Dear Professor Lederberg: ID1 has developed a simple but very effective approach to helping people in fast-moving fields cope with the flood of information, both good and worthless, which crosses their desks. We have already proved the method works in fields such as economics, fiscal management and school administration. We believe the system has outstanding potentialities in a few highly selected areas of science and technology. The basic idea is to permit graduate students and research personnel to listen each week to an informal half-hour chat by an outstanding and articulate authority in their field of major interest. The authority, in an “over coffee” tone, discusses scientific developments that happened to catch his attention during the week. The mechanism for accomplishing this is a weekly mailing of small reel-to-reel magnetic tape cassettes to the subscribers who are also supplied with inexpensive playback units. In this way, an eminent authority in a research area can bring his expert views and discriminating perspectives to a very wide and important audience. ID1 would like to start such a weekly series 0; molecular biology. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, we’re hoping to persuade you to serve as the commentator for the series. We are emboldened to make this sugges- tion to you, not because of the money involved, which happens to be considerable, but because of the opportunity for you to reach out and touch, as it were, thousands of students and researchers. We would not be much of a bother to you. If you wished, ID1 would arrange to have a trained interviewer meet with you at any place you designate, preferably but not necessarily at a regular time each week. The interviewer would bring along a portable tape record

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