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Middle tumor antigen of polyomavirus transformation-defective mutant NG59 is associated with pp60c-src.

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We have found that lysis of mouse embryo cells infected with the polyomavirus host range transformation-defective (hr-t) mutant NG59 under gentle conditions that avoid ionic detergents results in detectable NG59-encoded middle tumor antigen (MTAg) associated with pp60c-src. This MTAg-pp60c-src complex could be immunoprecipitated from NG59-infected cell lysates by either sera from animals bearing polyomavirus-induced tumors or by monoclonal antibodies directed against MTAg. Immune complex kinase assays revealed that, whereas the pp60c-src associated with NG59 MTAg possessed tyrosyl kinase activity, the NG59 MTAg in this complex was not phosphorylated in these in vitro reactions. These results demonstrate that the point insertion mutation found in this transformation-deficient strain of polyomavirus encodes MTAg molecules capable of associating with pp60c-src and defines a limited region within MTAg which appears to be critical for stable MTAg-pp60c-src interactions.

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