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Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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DOI: 10.1006/jmsp.2000.8066


Abstract High-Resolution Infrared and Millimeter-Wave Study of the v 3 = 1 State of HSiF 3 and DSiF 3 H. Bürger, E. B. MKadmi, J. Demaison, L. Margulès, and M. Gnida High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of YbCl: The A 2Π– X 2Σ + Transition Todd C. Melville, John A. Coxon, and Colan Linton High-Accuracy Determination of the Frequency and Quadrupole Structure of the sP(1, 0) and aR(0, 0) Transitions to the ν 2 State of 14NH 3 Š. Urban, F. Herlemont, M. Khelkhal, H. Fichoux, and J. Legrand The Microwave Spectrum of m-Tolunitrile: Methyl Internal Rotation and 14N Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling T. Bruhn and H. Mäder The Electronic Spectrum of Tellurium Dioxide Daniel F. Hullah and John M. Brown The r 0 and r s Structure of 1,3,5-Triazine M. Pfeffer, J. Martz, A. Steinmann, A. Ruoff, and V. Typke The Sextic Centrifugal Distortion Terms for an Open-Shell Complex Consisting of a Diatomic Molecule in a 2 S+1 Σ Electronic State and a Closed-Shell Partner Wafaa M. Fawzy and Reham M. Reda The Microwave Spectrum of the OH X 2Π Radical in its First Vibrationally Excited State ( v = 1) T. Thissen, H. Spiecker, and P. Andresen Hyperfine Structure in the A 2Π– X 2Σ + Bands of 91ZrN He Jiang, Qiang Shi, and A. S.-C. Cheung High-Resolution Study of the BaI A 2Π Electronic State R. F. Gutterres, J. Vergès, and C. Amiot

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