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Comparison of Dietary Habits between Girl College Students and Women Inhabitants in a Region of Yamaguchi Prefecture

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  • 女子大生
  • 長門市
  • 食生活調査
  • 医学
  • Education


The dietary habits of girl students and women inhabitants in Nagato city of Yamaguchi Prefecture were surveyed by questionaire and following results were obtained. (1) As for girl college students, quantity and frequency of intake in almost group of basic food were lower than those of women in Nagato city. On the other hand, they ate snacks between meals, and dined outside more frequently. Besides, they often made use of ready-to-serve dishes. The only excellent phenomenon in this group was low salt intake by the dietary life. (2) Dietary life of urban inhabitants in Nagato city was similar characteristics to girl students. Both groups took small quantity of boiled rice and salt. In addition, they frequently dined out. (3) Since young women like girl students are responsible for the health of next generation, they have to receive an education to improve their consciousness for well balanced dietary life.

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