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Kui_01-2006.vp:CorelVentura 7.0 društvene vijesti Presentation of the EFCE Student Presentation of the EFCE student Mobility Award 2005 On the occasion of the 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering including ECCE-5 in Glasgow, UK, on 14 July 2005, for the first time the European Federation of Chemical Engineering presented the EFCE Student Mobility Award. The award, which will be presented every two years, consists of the prizes and seeks to promote mobili- ty amongst European students who have studied successfully at least one semester in first or second cycle study programmes in che- mical engineering in each of two or more different countries. An international jury selected this year’s prize-winners from 44 ap- plicants representing 13 European countries for their excellant academic performance and for their account, in a one-page essay, of the experiences while studying in different countries. They were in- vited to attend the Chemical Engineering congress as guests of EFCE. 1st Prize (2,000 a) Tobias Kraus, Germany Tobias Kraus studied at TU Munich, Germany, where he obtained his degree, and also at Cambridge, MA, USA and Neuchatel, Switzerland. In his essay he wrote: “Going abroad was an experi- ment to me. Today I am an PhD student and the only chemical en- gineer amongst solid state physicists, material scientists, chemists and microbiologists, working on surface engineering and chemi- stry as well as microelectronic materials. That would not have hap- pened without the experiences I gathered abroad.” 2nd Prize (1,500 a) Laura Diaz Anadon, Spain Laura Diaz Anadon obtained her degree at UMIST, Manchester, UK; she also studied in Stuttgart, Germany. She stated: “My expe- riences studying in the UK and in Germany completely changed my views and plans for the future”. 3rd Prize (1,000 a) Lyonel Ehrl, Germany Lyonel Ehrlstudied at TU Munich, Germany, where he obtained his degree, and also at Santiago de Chile and Novocherkassk, Rus- sia. He wrote: “Thanks to the

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