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Technological Investments in Payment Systems: Key Lessons for Project Management

  • Economics


As many developing countries in the world are moving towards a free market economy, the attainment of an efficient banking system becomes a top priority. A good working banking system allows private sector savings to be retained in the country, which further promotes investments needed for growth. In addition, an effective banking system helps price stabilisation and positive real interest rates make bank deposits more attractive than cash. One of the key factors in attaining an efficient banking system is to develop an efficient national payment and settlement systems - be it to establish a completely new payment system or to enhance the existing systems - that transfer money to meet the needs of economic agents. These needs include cost efficiency, timeliness and profitability, security and transparency. Another factor of the shift to these systems also reflects the concerns of central banks to reduce systemic and other risks involved in the payment systems, and thus to enhance financial stability. A good project management to develop the best national payment and settlement systems is therefore necessary.

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