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An investigation of sexual-orientation attitudes and behaviors of college athletes

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library
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Several studies have been conducted to examine campus climate, but seldom has sexual orientation been addressed. This study is extremely relevant in today's sport culture. Individuals of various sexual orientations exist, in every realm of society, including college athletics. However, the reality is that discrimination and prejudices are pervasive in the college sport environment. Even though the NCAA and most universities have non-discrimination policies in place, discriminatory behaviors still occur and homophobic attitudes exist. This study examined attitudes and behaviors toward sexual orientation from a sample of Division I athletes (N=253) from three universities in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Quantitative data was used to investigate whether there was a relationship between various independent variables (gender, race/ethnicity and religious affiliation) and athletes' expressed behaviors and attitudes related to sexual orientation. Results of this study both complement existing research, while also enhancing the field by exploring more independent variables. This research shows that athletic administrators and athletic departments must examine the practice of their policies and determine its effectiveness. After acknowledging their reality, administrators must become proactive and advocate acceptance through education in order to provide and accepting, all-inclusive atmosphere.

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