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First flavor-tagged determination of bounds on mixing-induced CP violation in B<sub>s</sub><sup>0</sup>→J/ψϕ Decays

American Physical Society
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This Letter describes the first determination of bounds on the CP-violation parameter 2βs using Bs0 decays in which the flavor of the bottom meson at production is identified. The result is based on approximately 2000 Bs0→J/ψϕ decays reconstructed in a 1.35  fb-1 data sample collected with the CDF II detector using pp̅ collisions produced at the Fermilab Tevatron. We report confidence regions in the two-dimensional space of 2βs and the decay-width difference ΔΓ. Assuming the standard model predictions of 2βs and ΔΓ, the probability of a deviation as large as the level of the observed data is 15%, corresponding to 1.5 Gaussian standard deviations.

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