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Labor in the European Community No. 2, February 1964

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• waues and Employment In me common Market Both the European Economic Community {Common Market) and the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) were founded to create a mass market and the means of mass production to serve it. Over the last ten years, the European standard of living has climbed as wages have increased. The cost of living has risen at a more moderate rate. The European worker has benefited by increased disposable income. The employer's wage cost is increasing as the Common Market develops. Thus the comparative advanta~e that the European producer had over his American counterpart because of lower European wage scales is rapidly vanishing. It is easiest to visualize wage developments that have been taking place in Europe by looking at the ECSC. Established in 1952, the Coal and Steel Community has actively encouraged the improvement of wages and the standard of living of iron and steel workers and coal miners. Its experience, extending over a decade, illustrates the improvement in real wages -- the net gain after the increased cost of living is taken into account. This issue of~~~ European Community includes articles on~ • ~Wages: ~ Standards for Workers. page 2 • ~Employment~.!!!. the CommunitY. page 5 • The Community ~ Program ~.!. World Framework. page 10 • Social Security ~ ~ Community: Federal Republic of Germany. Continuing the study of the comprehensive social security system in each of the countries of the European Community, this issue covers the Federal Republic of Germany. page 12 Requests for additional publications or for information on specific questions relating to the European labor situation should be sent to the European Community Information Service, Suite 808, Farragut Building, Washington, D. C. 20006. Material in this publication may be reproduced with or without acknow- ledgement. A copy of the publication or article containing the reproduced material would be a

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