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Determinations of some hydrogen molecular constants

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-2852(66)90138-x


Abstract This paper reports an investigation of pressure perturbations of the fundamental rotation-vibration band of hydrogen. Both the electric field induced dipole spectrum and the stimulated Raman spectrum of hydrogen have been used to measure spectral line frequencies at gas densities extending up to 280 amagat. Linear pressure shifting coefficients have been obtained for the lines Q(0), Q(1), Q(2), Q(3), and S(1). The quadratic pressure shifting coefficient has been determined for the line Q(1). These data were combined with spectroscopic data available in the literature to obtain the zero density frequencies of eight lines in the 1-0 band and two lines in the 2-0 band. Precise molecular constants for the first few vibrational states were calculated. The pressure broadening coefficient and integrated absorption coefficient have been determined for the line Q(1). Experimental values of the matrix element of the expectation value of the polarizability ∥ α 01∥ and the matrix element of its anisotropy ∥ γ 01∥ have been obtained.

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