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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to the New York Times Magazine

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CHARLES S. GUBSER 10~~ DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA MEMBER: COMMITEE O N ARMED SERWCES dongre$s of tlje ?klniteb &tate$ ~ou$e of S.lepredentatiberl &l&&fngton, 3D.&. 20515 November 6, 1969 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Genetics Department Stanford University Stanford, California 94305 Dear Dr. Lederberg: Thank you for your communication and enclosures of recent date. As an old-time debater, there is little I hold more sacred than hearing both sides of an issue. This Is the basis of truth and truth is the most important thing we need in America today. For this reason I am more than pleased to present the other side of Dr. Shockley’s story, and I enclose a tearsheet herewith. Charles S. Gubser Member of Congress CSG: jh Encl.

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