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Engineering and Science, Volume 23:2, November 1959

California Institute of Technology
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November 1969 the performance of men and machines depends on what they are made of. United States Steel makes the materials for the machines, whether it 's a very tough armor plate, or heat-resistant alloy, or Stainless Steels. You might be interested in some of the USS steels developed specifically for aircraft and missiles: USS Strux, an alloy steel with close to 300,000 psi tensile strength primarily for aircraft landing gears; USS Airsteel X-200, an air-hardenable alloy steel with 230,000 psi yield strength for aircraft sheet and missile applications; USS 12MoV and USS 17-5 MnV Stainless Steels for high-speed aircraft and missiles; Stainless "W", a precipitation-hardenable Stainless Steel. New "exotic" metals, new methods for making them, present an exciting challenge. Men willing to accept this challenge-civil, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical, ceramic, electrical or chemical engineers have a future with United States Steel. Write to: United States Steel, Personnel Division, Room 2316, 525 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh 30, Pennsylvania. USS is a registered trademark November 1959 1 Space Technology Laboratories' new corporate symbol represents a bright history in a stimulating age. * STL has provided the over-allsystems engineering and technical direction for the Air Force Ballistic Missile Program since it was assigned the highest national priority in 1954. Five years of accelerated effort produced epic advances in science and technology, and propelled the art of missilery through three distinct generations of progress. STL contributed technical leadership to the science/government/industry team which has built this solid, expandable foundation for future advances in space, and is daily adding new strength to our national security. * In addition to its major management functions, S T L also conducts advanced space probe experiments for the Air Force at the direction of such agencies as N A S A and ARPA. :+: To those scientists and engineers wit

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