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Speech by Christopher Tugendhat, EEC Commissioner for the Budget, at the European Briefing Conference of the Conservative and Unionist Central Office. Dorking, 1 July 1978

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untitled EMBARGO: Brussels- 1.7.1978/13 hrs. SJ2..£'ech by Christo12her Tugendhat, EEC Commissioner res12onsible fo-r:_!_he Buc!g_~t ~ at the Europetm Briefing -Conference of the Consc-:rvative and Unionist Central Office, at 11.t•5 a,m. em Saturday, 1st July 1978, in Burford Bridge Hotel, Dorking. The introduction of Direct Elections to the European Parliament, now scheduled to be he1d for the first time in June nex~ year, should make it possible significantly to extend the influence of the pe.oples of the Member States in the Corn:munity's decision making. And if such an extension does indeed take place, the Coril.muni ty will, I believe, be able to enter a new much more dynamic phase of d~velopment based upon the foundation of much ·public more complet~trust than at present in all its institutions and policies. But i~ is very important not to imagine that there is some inexorable historical or sociological law which guarantees that once they are directly elected, European HPs will have a substantial inL uence upon Community legislation. The formal powers of the European Parliament are, in comparison with those of 'most of the Conmmnity's national Parliaments, _very limited.· Unless, therefore, the ne'v Parliament con<Jucts itself with considerable skill and wisdom, it is perfectly possible .that it will make very little impact. In my vievJ, a failure by the directly elected Parliament to· realise the high hopes that many have invested in it could have a very damaging effect upon public attitudes towards the Community. I would "like today therefore to talk about the manner in which both the Parliament, and also th~ body of which I am a Member, the European Commission, must behave if the Parliament's effectiveness is to be maximised. * * * collsvs Text Box collsvs Note Completed set by collsvs User Rectangle Avoiding na:t:Lonal! The 410 members of the new Parl:iament will in,clude .people from

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