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Future of spirituality and new religious awareness

Divine Service; [email protected]
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  • Nova Religijska Svijest
  • Sociologija Religije
  • Kršćanska Duhovnost
  • Inkulturacija
  • Kontemplativna Osobnost
  • Etika
  • Radost
  • New Religious Awareness
  • Sociology Of Religion
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Enculturation
  • Contemplative Individuality
  • Ethics
  • Joy
  • Religious Science


The topic of this work is the relation between the new religious awareness in contemporary society and the future of Christian spirituality. In the first part of this article the author points at some individual and social factors causing the emergence of new religious awareness. By means of sociological models of understanding the position of religion in modern society, the author tries to give the main determinants of current spiritual situation of our time. The second part of the work is about the logic of the enculturation of Christian spirituality in the described cultural context. The enculturation of Christian spirituality is illustrated in three concrete examples: spirituality and development of contemplative individuality, spirituality and theology of the other, spirituality and Christian joy.

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