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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
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DOI: 10.1155/s1463924681000618
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Product Editor’s Note:- The address of the manufacturer/supplier appears in italics at the end of each item. In some cases this address will be that of a subsidiary to the manufacturing company as the address given is that from which the information has been obtained. Emission spectroanalyser Optical Emission Services has recently introduced a new emission spectro- analyser to the British market. The instrument is British made, is known as the OES 4500 and is available at a fre- quency of 27.12 mHz or as an arc-spark excitation source for solid samples. It permits the determination of up to 80 elements simultaneously and has a lm rowland circle. The optical system is based on a holographic grating which is said to give good resolution and dis- persion, wide spectral range, no ghost- ing and very lowstray light character- istics. The system is fully microprocessor automated and controlled and provides visual and printed copy of all data obtained. Optical Emission Services L td, 104 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes. Nupro plug valves Techmation is now supplying Nupro plug valves with handles in 316 stainless steel or aluminium. The handle is machined from 3/4 inch hexagonal bar with a 316 roll pin inserted horizontally through the top. When the roll pin is removed, the valve can be actuated with a socket wrench extension or an open-end wrench in high temperature or mini- mum clearance applications and with the pin removed, there is protection against accidental opening and closing. The valve is quick acting, has a high capacity for straight through flow, a 1/4 turn actuation and leak-tight shut- off. Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 204C and the pressure rating is 2000 psi (20 600 kPa). Techmation Ltd, 58 Edgware Way, Edgware, Middx. SP7-500 UV/vis spectrophotometer from Pye Unicam Volume 3 No. 4 October 1981 Optical Emission Services’ emission spectroanalyser Flow injection analysis In an agreement recently concluded with American Research Products, Plasma-Therm has been appo

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