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Iskoristivost stijenske mase i mogući potencijali rezervi prirodnog kamena prema Lasky-evom zakonu

Stone-masonry school; [email protected]
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  • Mathematics


Exploitation and processing of small stone blocks and tombolons increase the resources. The natural stone is than rationally used, but the resources greatly increase due to the utilization of deposits-quarries. This approach ensures that in the deposits size of natural stone could be applied Lasky's-law. Based on this law we can say, if in the deposits size of the blocks decreases arithmetically then reserve increases geometrically or exponentially. On presented examples the utilization of the rock mass was analyzed in the application of two different technologies of exploitation. Besides, the exploitation of different block size achieves high utilization of the rock mass, exploitation of aggregates and fillers yield even more increases. It is necessary to emphasize the existence of the border areas, when considering the location and density discontinuity, should render a decision to apply the I or II variant of the exploitation (making vertical and horizontal cuttings or separation of the bocks along natural discontinuities or using slanting cuts). The example is shown and analyzed as a two-dimensional problem.

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