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The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) Payload Facility on the ISS

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ASIM is a payload facility to be mounted on a Columbus external platform on the International Space Station (ISS). ASIM will study the coupling of thunderstorm processes to the upper atmosphere, ionosphere and radiation belts. <br/><br/>ASIM is the most complex Earth Observation payload facility planned for the utilization of the ISS.<br/><br/>ASIM will study<br/>• The recently discovered electrical discharges in the stratosphere and mesosphere above thunderstorms, <br/>• Relativistic electron beams accelerated above thunderstorms, injected into the magnetosphere,<br/>• Gravity waves in the thermosphere powered by convection in severe thunderstorms, <br/>• Ionisation and heating of the mesosphere and lower ionosphere by electromagnetic waves from lightning discharges and TLEs, and<br/>• Precipitation of radiation belt electrons by electromagnetic waves from lightning discharges.<br/><br/>ASIM will also study auroral dynamics, airglow, and greenhouse gas concentrations in the upper atmosphere.<br/><br/>ASIM is a spectroscopic mission, measuring optical and X- and gamma-ray emission from the upper atmosphere in bands that cannot be observed from the ground because of atmospheric absorption. The launch is expected in 2012 on board the Japanese HTV.<br/><br/>The paper will present the status of the ASIM and its expected results.

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