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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Floyd E. Bloom

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THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY 1230 YORK AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10021 April 23, 1990 JOSHUA LEDERBERG PRESIDENT Dr. Floyd E. Bloom Division of Preclinical Neuroscience and Endocrinology Scripps Clinic 10666 N. Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, California 92037 Dear Floyd: Re: Funding Health Sciences Research. Sorry to be so tardy. I am in the home stretch of transi- tion from University President to University.Professor '(setting up a new lab) -- and, as you may imagine, never busier whilst running two lives. It will be fun to be back, when I get there. I am glad to siqn'off, as is, on the April .l3 version. Of course it is frustrating to be barred from the basic question: how much should the nation spend on health research. .I had not anticipated we would be barred so categorically.-- given that, you've done the best I can see. Or is it possible to have some stronger clues that therein is a real hindrance to national progress? The central theme of a call for a long range design for the health research enterprise is the most important point. I hope it will be highlighted in press releases and post-release market- ing. Some minor points -- not necessarily to be fixed: 1) Research vs.'traininq. Too dichotomous. A large (probably increasing) proportion of research grants are already used for post-dots, some graduate students: this should be emphasized more. 2) "0.5% for construction even under 4% growth scenario." That's a token. But the real action is in the change in indirect cost accounting. Taken together, I support both actions! Dr. Floyd E. Bloom April 23, 1990 -2- 3 4 ) Have you really straightened out the perceptions of the screw-down to 12% payline in GMS? ) Bravo for page 234. Yours sincerely,

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