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Elementi za periodizaciju arhitektonskih i urbanističkih natječaja provedenih u splitu od 1945. do danas

Faculty of architecture, University of Zagreb
Publication Date
  • Arhitektonski Natječaj
  • Urbanistički Natječaj
  • Split
  • 1945-1995. G.
  • Architectural Competition
  • Town Planning Competition
  • Split
  • 1945-1995


Choosing data about the organizer, the level and the subject of the competition as relevant periodization elements, postwar architectural competitions in Split can be divided into the following periods: 1945-1952, 1953-1956, 1957-1964, 1965-1978, 1979-1990. and from 1991. to the present. The high level of coherence among competition characteristics in these periods points not only to considerable changes in competition practice, but justifies their choice as elements used for periodization.

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