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An EPR experiment testing the non-separability of the $K^{0} \overline{K^{0}}$ wave function

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  • [Phys:Hexp] Physics/High Energy Physics - Experiment
  • [Phys:Hexp] Physique/Physique Des Hautes Energies - Exp√©rience


Abstract: The EPR-type strangeness correlation in the \PKz \PaKz ~system produced in the reaction $\Pap \Pp \rightarrow \PKz \PaKz$ at rest has been tested using the CPLEAR detector. The strangeness was tagged via strong interaction with absorbers away from the creation point. The results are consistent with the QM non-separability of the wave function and exclude a spontaneous wave-function factorisation at creation (CL $ 99.99\%$).

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