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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to J. L. Howatt

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September 16, 1953 Dr. J. L. Howatt Drawer 940 Department of Agriculture Fredericton, N.B., Canada Dear Dr. Mowatt: i'; May I acknowledge, with my apologie&&$%rZ&i er of August 6 requesting a proline-dependent mutant of Escheric "a- letter arrived while I was aw; Y TOliT yoMr opportunity I have had sfnoe n, and thy $s the first write in rej5l.y. We have a number of red in lyophil, and during ths next two or three wee the to get one out and check its requirement to se would be content with a double mtant re; m or glycine + proline, or histidine * proline, Icould Q promptly as they are in open stock. I am surprised of the continent f available from the had to initiate an extensive search e that similar stocks are Tatum, B.D. Davis, D.& Adelberg, and others. from another querter b$-this Yours sincerely, Joshua Lederberg Associate Professor of Genetics

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