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한국현대문학 지형의 데이터베이스 구축 및 실용화방안 연구

Publication Date
  • 한국문화기술연구소
  • 한국문학공간연구팀
  • 현대문학지형 데이터베이스
  • 현장화/실용화 방안
  • 현대문학
  • 문학콘텐츠
  • 문학관과 문화산업
  • 인문사회학
  • 공간과 장소
  • 문학답사
  • 문학기행
  • 문학공간의 분석방법론
  • Education
  • Literature


We live in cultural industry era after a fast change in society. Adjusting this changes, We need to provide digital environment and spiritual environment for our culture consumers to better taste, consume, use, admit, and judge the cultural objects. Thus, this study explains how to deliver the method to analyze and describe the literary space analysis to literature consumers. To do this, I have systemized how to collect and describe the writer, the literature, the background in the literature and the live space etc. If this study is systematically excercised, it could be utilized widely as basic data for literature studies, school educational materials, substitute maerial for literature writing classes, database for cultural contents development, and PR material to globalization of Korean culture. And if the end outcome is transformed into various channels and distributed like print, internet homepage, CD rome, etc., it would greatly imfluence the new generation as new cultural sensibility who has grown their imaginateve power through images and computers rather than writings. What is important here is that the heart of literature education is exercised toward visual education materials too much, the heart of literature could get lost. because there exists a danger that people may tend to enjoy the visuals provided by fancy channels instead of reading. Thus, study on how to mix literary beauty and visual beauty in harmony is necessary before industralization of literary space. And wide and deep discussion on this matter is needed. A Study aims to find a way of turning the virtual space, where the korean literature works are produced, as realistic as our real life, among various ways of using the Korean literature for cultural contents. The field research of cultural contents is prerequisite to that. The goal of the field research of cultural contents by visiting sites of korean literature and conducting investigative research. the field research of cultural contents should not aim to build and store the database. Rather, a real cultural contents can be realized only when we set the direction regarding how to use them to create the new value. This study has the purpose of putting forth the measures to create the virtual reality by establishing the cultural space on the website.

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