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생애주기 개념을 도입한 공동주택의 개조서비스 계획연구

Publication Date
  • 공동주택
  • 개조서비스
  • 가족생활주기
  • 건축경년
  • 주택개조
  • 로지스틱회귀분석


The purpose of this study was to provide the fundamental data for the effective housing remodeling plan. Through the questionnaire survey, the actual conditions of remodeling in apartment housing were investigated. And as the result of statistic analysis, the relationships between characteristics of remodeling and building life-cycle, and family life-stage, were found out The major findings of this study are as follows; 1) Most of apartment residents have remodeled the family living space and private living space. In detail, they performed remodeling frequently the finishing materials and equipments, and the location of curtain wall & storage fixtures. 2) It might be predicted by the logistic regression that the building life-cycle was influential variable to predict apartment residents behavior of remodeling. Therefore, in planning the support service for the remodeling. Therefore, in planning the support service for the remodeling, the building life-cycle should be taken into consideration. 3) According to the statistic analysis, the family life-cycle could effect their behaviors to perform the interior remodeling. Especially the various remodeling performance might be carried out in the growing stage, so the characteristics of their remodeling experiences and causes should be considered singnificantly to plan the support services

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