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Mycelial protein production by Aspergillus niger using banana peels

Kaduna State University, Faculty of Science
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  • Mycelial Protein
  • Banana Peels
  • A. Niger.
  • Biology


The ability of Aspergillus niger to produce mycelia protein from pretreated banana peels as substrate was studied with yeast nitrogen base glucose broth as control. Banana peels gave the highest yield of mycelia protein with optical density of 0.28 (O.D) compared to the yeast nitrogen base glucose broth 0.08 (O.D). The residual glucose content in the banana peel medium decreased from 1800 μg/ml on the first day to 320 μg/ml on the 7th day. In the yeast nitrogen base glucose broth, it decreased from 2440 μg/ml on day one to 420 μg/ml on the 7th day. The mycelia protein from banana peals had a crude content of 20.4% and a lipid content of 33.3%. The results indicate the possibility of using banana peels as substrates for mycelia protein production with A. niger. Keywords: Mycelial Protein, Banana Peels, A. niger.

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