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Endomorphin analogs containing alicyclic ß-amino acids: influence on conformation and pharmacological profile

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Endomorphin Analogs Containing Endomorphin Analogs Containing Alicyclic-Amino Acids: Influence on Conformation and Pharmacological Profile Attila Keresztes Isotope Laboratory, Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Supervisors Dr. Géza Tóth Dr. Mária Szűcs Ph.D. Thesis Szeged 2008 I dedicate this thesis to my grandmother, without whom this work could not have been achieved. i List of Thesis-Related Publications I Tóth, G., Keresztes, A., Tömböly, Cs., Péter, A., Fülöp, F., Tourwé, D., Navratilova, E., Varga, É., Roeske, W.R., Yamamura, H.I., Szűcs, M., Borsodi, A. (2004) New endomorphin analogs with -agonist and -antagonist properties. Pure Appl Chem 76:951-957 II Keresztes, A., Tóth, G., Fülöp, F., Szűcs, M. (2006) Synthesis, radiolabeling and receptor binding of [3H][(1S,2R)ACPC2]endomorphin-2. Peptides 27:3315-3321 III Keresztes, A., Szűcs, M., Borics, A., Kövér, R. K., Forró, E., Fülöp, F., Tömböly, Cs., Péter, A., Páhi, A., Fábián, G., Murányi, M., Tóth, G. (2008) New endomorphin analogs containing alicyclic -amino acids: Influence on bioactive conformation and pharmacological profile. J Med Chem 51:4270-4279 ii Acknowledgments I am grateful to my supervisors, Dr. Géza Tóth and Dr. Mária Szűcs, for providing me with an opportunity to acquire all those practical skills with which this work could be performed. I am also grateful to all of my colleagues in the Isotope Laboratory for their valuable advice and technical assistance. Many thanks are due to Dr. Sándor Benyhe for his useful advice, and to the technicians, Éva Papp Tóthné and Ildikó Némethné, for their altruistic help in the laboratory work. I also wish to thank Dr. Ferenc Fülöp and Dr. Enikő Forró for the preparation of the alicyc

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