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VI. Proportion of Children Vaccinated ‡

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R. J. C. PEARSON Department of Epidemiology and Public D. G. MILLER** Health, Yale University School ofMedicine and the Department of M. L. PALMIERIt Health, Middletown, Connecticut VI. PROPORTION OF CHILDREN VACCINATEDt From the beginning of the Middletown project the importance of determining the exact size and age distribution of the population was evident. Such information may not always be necessary in subsequent community-wide vaccination campaigns, but since one of our main ob- jectives was to evaluate the degree of acceptance of oral vaccine in a typical small New England city, it was necessary to have accurate age- specific data. The 1960 United States census figures were not yet available; our estimates of the child population were therefore based on information obtained from birth records, from the schools, and from the Board of Education. NUMBER OF CHILDREN VACCINATED The school-aged population was determined by an exact count of the pupils in attendance at the 14 public and three parochial schools. Of the total 6,811, some 504 (chiefly those attending the two high schools and a technical school) were not Middletown residents, but were nevertheless considered eligible for vaccination. The preschool population was estimated on the basis of the number of births from 1 January 1956 to 1 November 1960. This was 3,367 infants, of whom 75 had died. Assuming that immigration balanced emigration, in February 1961 there should have been approximately 3,300 children aged 3 months to 5 years. This figure is probably on the generous side, but is not far off from the total of 3,121 obtained by adding the names on the corrected 1961 Board of Education census' plus the 485 children not listed who nevertheless came for vaccination. * Instructor in Public Health. ** Epidemic Intelligence Officer, U. S. Public Health Service, assigned to Yale Poliomyelitis Study Unit, 1 January-15 June 1961. t Director, Department of Health, Middletown, Conn. t Aided by a grant from The National Foundation. Re

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