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A comparison of didactic and modeling instruction in grief intervention skills training

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of two short-term grief education curricula, didactic (lecture) and modeling, in teaching students about grief and how to effectively interact with someone who was grieving. A control group was included in which subject read articles on euthanasia. Subjects were 84 students (67 females, 17 males) enrolled at a southeastern university who volunteered to participate in exchange for extra credit, and who met the inclusion criteria that they not be acutely grieving. This study was unique in its incorporation of an analogue interaction that allowed for coding of subject responses to a grieving confederate. Subjects completed a demographic questionnaire, a grief knowledge test, and a death anxiety scale. They were ranked on the appropriateness of responses during the analogue interaction, and their responses in the analogue interaction were coded for degree of facilitativeness to the griever.

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