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Lessons from a survey of British dialect grammar

Links & Letters


Links & Letters 5, 1998 61-73 Abstract This article is inten associated with regi British Dialect Gram school children. Th ture of the nationa hypotheses about d lenges to educationa Key words: British 1. Introduction Regional variatio With the emerge arly interest in Trudgill and Cha of the different p vidual linguists t popular publicati Son of Bristle: a s Wess Vinglun (Ro (*) The research re C-00-23-2264. 2. The survey of B 3. Some Lessons from a survey of British dialect grammar * Jenny Cheshire Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London Viv Edwards Faculty of Education ded for non-specialists interested in linguistic and educational issues onal variation in grammar. It is based on the work of the Survey of mar which entailed an unusual collaboration between linguists and e findings of the survey have made it possible to provide a fuller pic- l distribution of nonstandard grammatical features and to generate ialect levelling in urban centres. They also provide interesting chal- l policy and practice. Dialects, Non-standard English, Sociolinguistics, Education. Table of Contents n in English has long been the object of scholarly attention. nce of sociolinguistics as an independent discipline, schol- this question has continued to flourish (Trudgill 1990; mbers 1991; Milroy and Milroy 1992). However, coverage arts of the British Isles remains extremely patchy with indi- ending to focus on their home territories. For many areas, ons such as Notts natter: how it is spoke (Wright 1986) and econd guide to what the natives say and mean in the heart of bson 1982) are the main sources of information. ported in this paper was supported by ESRC research award no. 1. Introduction ritish dialect grammar unexpected outcomes 4. Resources for diversity 5. Conclusion References , University of Reading September 1997 62 Links & Letters 5, 1998

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