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Project 1-North Expansion, Palm Trees to be planted



Learning Object Metadata Module ( LearningObjectMetadata : iMetadataModule ) Aggregation Level Classifications Contexts Difficulty Level Intended End User Roles Interactivity Level Interactivity Type Learning Resource Types Status System Requirements Typical Age Range Typical Learning Time EAD Metadata Module ( EAD_Info : iMetadataModule ) Container Hierarchy Full Description TOC Included Sections Performing Arts Metadata Module ( Performing_Arts_Info : iMetadataModule ) Performance Date Performance Performers Geo-Spatial Metadata Module ( GeoSpatial_Information : iMetadataModule ) KML Refernce Lines Points Polygons Behaviors (Behavior_Info) BibID Bib Info (Bibliographic_Info) Divisions (Division_Info) Metadata Modules METS Header (METS_Header_Info) Tracking (Tracking_Info) VID SobekCM Resource Object (SobekCM_Item) Abstracts Access Condition Affiliations BibID Classifications Containers Donor (Name_Info) EncodingLevel Genres Identifiers Languages Location Main Entity Name Main Title Manufacturers Names Notes Origin Info Original Description Other Titles Publishers Record RelatedItems Series Part Info SeriesTitle SortDate SortTitle Source Subjects TableOfContents Target Audiences TemporalSubjects Type VID Bibliographic (Bibliographic_Info : iMetadataModule) Create Date Creation Software Individual Creator(s) Individual Creator Note(s) Last Modified Date METS Record Status ObjectID Organizational Creator Organizational Creator Note(s) METS Header (METS_Header_Info) Abstract Text Display Label Language Type Abstracts (Abstract_Info) Display Label Language Rights Text Rights Type Access Condition (AccessCondition_Info) Campus Center College Department Institute NameRef Section Subsection Term Unit University Afilliations (Affiliation_Info) Authority Classification Display Label Edition Classifications (Classification_Info) Level Name Type Containers (Finding_Guide_Container) Given

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