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In life with the effort to maintain the culture of specific cuisine, particulary in backing up of the government's program to love "Indonesian Meals", Warung Nasi Sunda "Laksana" Jakarta is one of traditional restaurant has been well prepared to face any chalenges in preservation of Indonesian natural culture. The purpose of this study was to identify internal and external factors influencing performance of Warung Nasi Khas Sunda "Laksana" Jakarta and propose of alternative strategies that could be applied by company to face the change of business environment. The data were collected from 90 respondens and five experts. TOWS analysis, IFE Matrix, EFE Matrix and E Matrix were used to analyze the data. TOWS analysis is an important matching tool that helps management develop four types of strategies, SO strategies, WO strategies, ST strategies, and WT strategies. IFE matrix is strategy formulation tool summarize and evaluates the major strengths and weaknesses in the functional areas of a business, and it also provides a basis for identifying and evaluating relationship among those areas. An EFE Mahis allows strategists to summarize and evaluates political economic, social culture, and technological (PEST). Regardless of the number of key opportunities and threats included in an EFE Matrix, and the IE Matrix positions an organization's various division in a nine cell display or plotting organization divisions in a schematic diagram. The result of this study showed that in an IFE Matrix, the total weighted score of 2.40 indicates that Warung Nasi Khas Sunda "Laksana" is below average, that are weak internally, Like the IFE Matrix, in an EFE Matrix, the total weighted score of 2.57 indicates that the firm is above average in its effort to pursue strategies that capitalize on external opportunities and avoid threats. Based on the IE Matrix showed that Warung Nasi Khas Sunda "Laksana" Jakarta is in "Hold and Maintain Position". Market Penetration and Product Development are two commonly strategies were used for these types.

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