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The thermal conductivity of the high temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-delta /

McGill University
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  • Physics
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Previous measurements show that the thermal conductivity of $Y Ba sb2 Cu sb3 O sb{7- delta}$ in the basal plane is anisotropic with a large peak in the superconducting state. The magnitude of this anisotropy in the superconducting and normal states, and the dominant mechanism for heat conduction in the superconducting state are currently the subject of debate. We have measured the thermal conductivity of high quality $Y Ba sb2 Cu sb3 O sb{7- delta}$ for deoxygenated, twinned and detwinned samples along the a and b axes to shade light on this issue. We were able to measure the electrical and thermal conductivity using the same contacts and hence determine the Lorenz number L = $ kappa$p/T accurately.

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