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Influence of steel reinforcement corrosion on the stiffness of simply supported concrete beams

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The in-service performance of reinforced concrete beams can be severely affected through cor-rosion of the steel reinforcement when it becomes subjected to harsh corrosive environments containing chlo-rides and carbon dioxide. In such instances, corrosion is likely to occur in the steel reinforcement, with the expansive nature of the corrosion products likely to induce cracking and spalling of the concrete. A loss of structural integrity (stiffness) will occur and this can severely influence the serviceability of the member. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between degree of corrosion and loss of stiffness in corrosion damaged under-reinforced concrete beams. Beams (100mm x 150mm cross section) were subjected to accelerated corrosion in the laboratory and subsequently tested in flexure to failure. The paper reports on the results of these tests and relates the degree of corrosion in the main steel to the percentage loss in stiffness in the concrete beams.

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