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Integrated research in oenology

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CONTRIBUTIONS to SCIENCE, 1 (3): 365-369 (2000) Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona The creation of the Oenology degree at the University of Tar- ragona meant a considerable challenge for the staff in- volved. The initial period of consolidation of the teaching function was followed by research development, the other high priority of the Faculty of Oenology. The integration of personnel from different scientific and technological back- grounds allowed an excellent complementarity and synergy for the development of competitive research projects. Cur- rently, more than 40 researchers are involved in oenological scientific and tecnological research, and these researchers make up the Oenology Unit, a part of the Centre de Referèn- cia en Tecnologia dels Aliments (Reference Centre for Food Technology), a virtual research institute created by the Gen- eralitat of Catalonia. Origin and development The School of Oenology, created in 1988, meant the develop- ment of an experience in teaching and research in the disci- pline of oenology. The need for quality teaching in a field that was not yet recognised by an official title in Spain was a chal- lenge for the group of researchers in the Faculty of Chemistry who were involved. Initially, the focus was on teaching and a curriculum development for oenologists that would meet the needs of the rapidly growing wine sector. Although this initial goal was achieved, the final accreditation of the 1996 Bac- calaureate of Science (BSc), in Oenology changed the old School of Oenology into the present Faculty of Oenology. The academic restructuring and teaching delivery re- quired an additional effort in fundamental oenological re- search. Thus, the personnel involved with the Oenology School during this time had to develop research pro- grammes within the wine sector. This required strong scien- tific disciplinary interaction among the scientists as they faced different research projects. Also, new winery facilities, experimental and sensory evaluation

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