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A Web Survey Program Based on Computer Technology and Its Application to Evaluation Model about Youth Self-organizations in China

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  • Youth Self-Organizations
  • Internet Media
  • Grey Forecasting Model
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Web Survey Program
  • Communication
  • Ecology


The network has become the second space for people in China, and network and youth self-organizations based on web-platform have influenced young people more than ever before. From the viewpoint of the overall development of youth and building a harmonious society, it’s an important thing to reduce the negative influence of the network and strengthen the sustainable development of media ecology. The paper forecasts the developmental trend of adolescents by analyzing their current situation in China and builds the evolution model for youth self-organizations. This web survey program uses the IIS web server + ASP.NET service + SQL Server database. Survey.aspx could be generated in the server dynamically, so the web survey program can be achieved by computer. Finally, the paper suggests some advices to eliminate the negative effects of internet and to strengthen youth self-organizations.

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