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Disparate aspects of selected tariff structures. Information Memo P-6/64, January 1964

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OIFICIAL SPOKESMAN of lhe Comrnlsrlon -\ ts, .cvanira d6 lo Jryroce Enrdc Brurrclr 4 Tblaphono 95.00.40 'i 4- ' Brus.sel s, 1954 P-6 /64 INFUR#\T]ON 1ilfuO Disparate Aspects of#. SeLocted. Tariff Struotures (r) Forclvorcr. The following study is of a statisticell- rratu"r'e:;rcl, a.s such, it aims at supplying overall pror.isional information, for gorrer:eJ- use, on the tariffs in question. The findings are pr.r.rcl-y rlescriptive ana clo noL iurply any official attitud.e on the part of the Statistieal Office nor therefore of tho E.E.C. Conirni.ssion. It should. be noted that the figures given i-n no way prejuclge the results of inore speclfic stuiies which might be put irr "hand by the iij.E.C. Cor,rinission prior to tariff' nego-biations. 1..' Slgnificrjnce and limitations of cornl:arisons "be-bwgen tar:iffs In the years.r?r"" the entry in'bo forcE; of the Rone Treaty, iri'ber- national C.iscussions ancl negotiations on custonis tariffs, partioularly in GATTI have becone more frequsnt ancl far-r.eaching" Tire objeet of these nogotlations is to reciuce by, uiutual concessions the custor;s duties on imports into the various countrios. Such concessions were foliierly discussed. bilaterally cr.nd. product by product, and- it was sufficlent for the parties to consult each other and to coliate the:i"r ov'rn tarriffs and. their own import statistics case by case to appraise the econonlc effects of their decisions. l-rater there iliir,s a na.rkeil'berrclency to aci-opt much more general lines of appro,;ch bar;ed. on the s.ystcriatic application of reductions to large groups of products. It is then useful to nake a broad,er appraisal of custcins tariffs, and for this pr:.rp'ose ii is natural to turn to statistical techniclues, r,ru'hich are th.e rilearls pal excellence of presenting information in synop-bic f'orn. We i:rust renember, however, tha't as ::egar'1s j-n"be::rrational cor,iparison the assessnent of tariff probloms in statis"tlcal'beruis is still in its inf,ancy and enco

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