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Strengthening the Mediterranean Policy of the European Union: proposals for implementing a Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. COM (95) 72 final, 8 March 1995

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(95) 72 final Brussels, 08.03.1995 COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT STRENGTHENING THE MEDITERRANEAN POLICY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: PROPOSALS FOR IMPLEMENTING A EURO-MEDITERRANEAN PARTNERSHIP ;· l. INTRODUCTION .1.1 The Mediterranean is strategically important to the European Union. One ofEurope's priorities is to consolidate peace and stability in the region. This challenging task would involve: . supporting political reform arid defending human rights and freedom of expression as a means of containing extremism; . promoting economic. and social reform iiJ. such. a way as to produce sustained growth (to create jobs) and an increase in 'standards of living, with the aini of stemming violence and easing migratory pressure. The Community and its partners in the Mediterranean are interdependent in many respects. Europe's intere~ts in the region are many and varied, including as they . do the environment, energy supplies, migration, trade and investment. The drug problem (production, trafficking and consumption) is one which all the · countries involved will have to tackle together. . Instability in the region cannot fail to have negative consequences for all the countries of the. European Community . .Th~ Mediterranean non-member countries. ·(MNC) may have a population of 400 million by 2035; and there will be a wealth gap which· will undoubtedly grow unless current demographic developments are counterbalanced by a rapid economic upturn and appropriate population policies. If such an economic upturn is to occur, the countries in question will have to · make a further sustained effort to liberalize and restructure their econ.omies. The Community would also have to help them to cope with the political, ecorioinic and demographic challenges facing them. A considerable proportion of the European Community's ·immigrants is from the Mediterranean region. Th

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