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경계를 넘나들며: 루 해리슨의 음악에 나타나는 한국 음악적 요소

Publication Date
  • 종족음악
  • 한국음악
  • 헤테로포니
  • 피리
  • 무궁화
  • 낙양춘
  • 타령
  • Musicology
  • Philosophy


Lou Harrison spent more time in Korea during 1961-1962 than China and Japan, for he was impressed by Korean music. During that time he studied Korean instruments and composed several works with Korean musical elements. Harrison had intensive studies of history, philosophy, and Korean music theory with Dr. Hye-Ku Lee, and wrote a book about them in Lou's calligraphic hand. In this book he compared music of China and Japan to Korean, and tried to reflect characteristics of Korean elements in his music. He thought the creation of modern Korean music by harmonizing in its style would alleviate characteristic features of Korean music and heterophonic texture by improvision and embellishment would be more effective. His works composed in 1960s are , <Quintal Taryung>, <Prelude for Piri and Redd organ>, <Spring in Nak Yang>.

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