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An Analysis of the History of Infectious Nucleic Acids

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AN ANALYSl.S OF THE HLSTORY OF INFECTIOUS NUCLEIC ACIDS : . -. ..’ . : : by Mark Weidenbaum, University of Connecticut This work is based on a Directed Studies Summer Program carried out at Stanford University in the Summer of 1975 under the direction of Dr. Joshua Lederberg. TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Part I - History Prel imi nary ideas Quant$ Proof of Infectious Nucleic Acids Part 11 - Ana1ysi.s Francesco Sanfel ice Lncl us i,on Cytochemical Staining of lnclus A Mistake in Interpretation Problems in Communication ion Bod ies Part 111 :. - The Graphical Ci tati.on Index .J. ; a,/ !: lnt roduct i on s Chronological Perspective Clustering Combinati.on of Techni.ques P roh 1 ems Summa ry Bib1 iography (To be used in conjunction tii th accompanying chart entitled, “Citation Index for Infectious Nucleic Acids .“I Acknowledgments Page i i 1 1 2 4 5 5 6 7 8 8 10 10 10 1 I 12 12 13 14 20 ABSTRACT This review traces the significant developments in virus chemistry from Bei jerinck’s (1898) recognition of viruses as distinct bodies to the demonstration of their infectious nucleic acid nature by Gierer and Schramm ( 1956) . The study demonstrates how cytochemi cal staining methods applied to inclusion bodies served,asa useful meth,od fo r investigating the early years of virus chemistry. The investigation a 1 so analyzes the effects of Stanley’s misinterpretation of proteins as infectious agents /’ and ,his dismissal of nucleic acids as being important in the viral infec- : .* ,. ,..” . j tion process. The study reveals that Sanfelice’s (1918) observations _I. c were lost from central thought but anticipated many later developments. . The review includes a discussion of graphical citation indexing as well as a graphical citation index surveying th’e history of infect

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