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Management of Emergency Services in Some Selected Upazila Health Complexes

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19 Original Article Perception about Pain Relief During Normal Labour Among Health Care Providers Conducting Delivery Tasnim S1 2010 Volume 22 Number 0120 1. Dr Saria Tasnim. FCPS. M MEd. Diploma in Community epidemiology Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Institute of Child & Mother Health, Dhaka, Bangladesh Pain during labour is a physiological phenomenon. The evolution of pain during first stage of labour is associated with ischaemia of the uterus during contraction as well as effacement and dilation of Cervix3 . In the second stage pain is caused by stretching of the vagina, perineum & compression of pelvic structures. However, pain sensation is a response of the total personality and a subjective phenomenon. In a study from Nizeria 70% women rated labour pain as moderate to sever, 32% said they would not want any pain relief and 33% would want it to be eliminated4. Sever pain is common affecting some 66-70% nulliparous and 35-40% multiparous labours5. Pain relief in childbirth is subject to many social and cultural modifiers, which continue to change. There is no other circumstance in which it is considered acceptable for a person to experience untreated severe pain even while under a physician’s care6. Control of pain rather than absolute amelioration is seen by many to provide greater satisfaction. The importance of analgesia as a contribution to overall satisfaction has been recognized increasingly in the last 50 years7. Sir James Simpson, professor of Obstetrics at the university of Edinburgh first advocated the use of ether for Obstetric analgesia in 1850’s2. Queen Victoria in 1853 had the pains of childbirth relieved by intermittent whiffs of Chloroform and thereafter the opposition from churches regarding obstetric analgesia remained silent. Analgesia is the loss or modulation of pain perception and its use during labour should produce optimum pain relief with minimum side effects to mother & baby3. There are bo

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