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Effect of magnetic field orientation on thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic interactions in dendritic growth

Civil-Comp Press
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  • Qa75 Electronic Computers. Computer Science


The focus of this paper is to provide an insight into the complex nature of the flow fields that develop through the application of a magnetic field at different orientations to the direction of dendritic growth. Through the use of linear superposition and exploiting symmetry planes the results show that a variety of different flow fields can be achieved. Some of the features exhibited are a global circulation around the dendrite and circulations at the dendrite tips. How these circulations effect the morphology of the dendrite is investigated when the magnetic field is orientated in the (001) direction. Rotation of the preferential direction of growth and an increase in secondary branching are observed and are a consequence of circulations altering surface free energy. A qualitative agreement of these morphological changes is found between a full 3-dimensional model using a moving mesh and a 2-dimensional model using quasi 3-dimensional approximations.

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