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Single-mode rib waveguides in (Yb,Nb) : RbTiOPO4by reactive ion etching

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  • Qc Physics
  • Tk Electrical Engineering. Electronics Nuclear Engineering


We present the fabrication of single-mode rib waveguides in (Yb,Nb):RbTiOPO4 ((Yb,Nb):RTP) by reactive ion etching (RIE) with a combination of SF6 and Ar gases. The influence of the gas pressure, RF power and gas ratio on the etch rate and surface quality was studied to optimize the etching of RTP. Optimized parameters were used to fabricate rib waveguides in a (Yb,Nb):RTP film, grown by liquid phase epitaxy, with an etch rate of 10 nm/min. Channel waveguide propagation was demonstrated for the first time in an RIE etched (Yb,Nb):RTP rib structure.

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