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Improve Manufacturing Process By Using Line Balancing To Reduce Cycle Time

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Manufacturing is the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for sale, or intermediate processes involving the production or fmishing of semi-manufactures. It is large branch of industry and of secondary production. Some industries, like semiconductor and steel manufacturer use the tenn fabrication. Manufacturing cycle time (the time that elapses from work order release to completion) affects the cost of developing and manufacturing a product. However, most cost models consider only the setup and processing times and ignore the move times and queue times, which form most of the manufacturing cycle time. This paper discusses the production impact of manufacturing cycle time. It presents methods for estimating the manufacturing cycle time of a selecting product that will be made in a manufacturing system that makes other products as well. It identifies the benefits of reducing manufacturing cycle time and shows how those benefits yield increased productivity. One objective during product development is to reduce the time spent by the product in the manufacturing system, known as the manufacturing cycle time. Reducing the manufacturing cycle time has many benefits, reducing idle time for worker and machine, reduced costs, improved product quality (process problems can be found more quickly), faster response to customer orders, and increased flexibi lity. ln addition, a shorter manufacturing cycle time means helps reduce the time-to-market. This paper also explains about how the precedence diagram can be applied to determine the suitable cycle time besides reducing production time. The significant of this project is to simulate the problem in the industry whicb is student will learn how important of time in the industry.

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