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സമുദ്ര മത്സ്യമേഖലാ നയ പരിപ്രേക്‌ഷ്യം - 1 കേരളം (Marine Fisheries Policy Brief-1 Kerala) Malayalam version

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Starting Page F≥.-Pn.-sI. ]n≈ -C. hnth-Im-\-µ≥ bp. KwK -kn. cma-N-{µ≥ tI{µ kap{Z a’y Kth-jW ÿm]\w (`mc-Xob Im¿jnI Kth-jW Iu¨kn¬) ]n.-_n. \w. 1603, -sIm®n ˛ 682 018, C¥y 26 tI{µ kap{Z a’y Kth-jW tI{µw kap{Z a’y-ta-Jem \b ]cn-t{]£yw˛1 tIcfw F≥.-Pn.-sI. ]n≈ -C. hnth-Im-\-µ≥ bp. KwK -kn. cma-N-{µ≥ {]kn-≤o-I-cWw : tUm. Pn. sskZm-dmhp Ub-d-IvS¿ tI{µ kap{Z a’y Kth-jW ÿm]\w sIm®n ˛ 682 018. Telephone : 0091-484-2394867 Fax : 0091-484-2394909 E-mail : [email protected] Website : © 2009, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi Printed at : Niseema Printers & Publishers, Kochi - 682 018 kap{Z a’y-ta-Jem \b ]cn-t{]£yw˛1 27 apJ-hpc hnI-k\e£y-Øns‚ Du∂¬ Dev]m-Z-\-h¿≤-\-hn¬ \n∂pw hn`-h-kp-ÿn-c-X-bn-te°v amdp-∂-Xns‚ ^e-ambn \ΩpsS kap-{Z-ta-J-e-bn¬ ASp-Ø-Im-e-Ømbn hnhn[ am‰- ߃ h∂p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. a’y-_-‘\w {][m\ D]- Po-h-\-am¿§-am-°p∂ Bfp-I-fpsS FÆ-Ønse h¿≤\, Imem-hÿmhyXn-bm\w XpS-ßnb {]iv\-߃ \Ωƒ t\cn- Sp∂ {][m\ sh√p-hn-fn-I-fn¬ Nne-Xm-Wv. bptdm-]y≥ bqWn- b≥ Cu ASp-Ø-\m-fn¬ apt∂m-´ p-sh-® "Iym®v k¿´n-^ n- t°‰v' Dƒs∏-sS-bp≈ \n_-‘-\-Iƒ bYm¿∞-Øn¬ ImWn-°p-∂Xv A¥m-cm- jv{S-hm-Wn-Py-ta-Je kpÿn-c-hn-Ik\Øn\v \¬Ip∂ {]m[m-\y-sØ-bmWv CØcw kw -`h-hn-Im-k-߃°-\p-kr-X-ambn a’y-ta-J-e-bnse \ΩpsS \b-]-cn- ]m-Sn-Ifnepw \nb-{¥-W-ß-fnepw t`Z-K-Xn-Iƒ hcp-tØ-≠-Xv Bh-iy-am-Wv. imkv{Xob Kth-j-W-^ -e-ß-fpsS klm-b-Øm¬ CØcw Bi-¶-Iƒ Zpco-I-cn- °m-\p-]-bp-‡-amb hnhn[ \S-]-Sn-Iƒ tI{µ kap-{Z-a’y Kth-j-W-ÿm-]\w ssIs°m-≠p-h-cn-I-bm-Wv. ao≥]n-Sp-Ø-Øns‚ Ign™ 50 h¿jsØ ÿnXn-hn- h-c-°-W-°p-Iƒ A]-{K-Yn®v Xmc-X-ay-]-T\w \SØn hnhn[ a’yhn`h-ti-J-c- ß-fpsS C∂sØ Ahÿ Imen-I-ambn Ah-tem-I\w sNøp-∂Xv AXn-semcp {][m\ {]{In-b-bmWv. Cu e£yw ap≥\n¿Øn-bmWv kap-{Z-a-’y-ta-J-em\b ]cn-t{]£yw F∂ t]cn¬ Hcp ]c-ºc R߃ {]kn-≤o-I-cn-°p-∂-Xv. kap-{Z-a- ’y-ta-J-e-bn¬ \ne-hn-ep≈ \b-ßfpw \nb-{¥-W-ßfpw Imem-\p-kr-X-ambn ]cn- jvI-cn-°p-∂-Xn¬ Cu {]kn-≤o-I-cWw klm-bn-°p-sa-∂mWv Rß-fpsS {]Xo£. Cu ]c-º-c-bnse BZy {]kn-≤o-I-c-W-ambn tIc-f-Øns‚ kap{ZtaJem \b- ]-cn-t{]£yw ]pd-Øn-d-°p

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