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Design of single ended primary inductor DC-DC converter

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In modern age different portable electronic equipment have benefited from a power converter is able to achieve high efficiency with a wide input and output voltage ranges with a small size. But conventional power converter can’t maintain a wide operation range with high efficiency, especially if up-and-down voltage conversion has to be achieved. These characteristics can be obtained in a single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC). Some limitation in conventional buck boost converter like inverted output ,pulsating input current, high voltage stress make it unreliable for wide range of operation. So to get rid of this SEPIC converter is used. In this thesis ideal method of designing passive component of SEPIC is described, which is a DC-DC converter that provides a positive regulated output voltage from an input voltage. It also operates as a buck and boost converter. The SEPIC also has a simple controller that provides low noise operation. The experimental result of SEPIC is well studied by designing open loop hardware model and observing the waveforms in oscilloscope

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