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A commentary on the Synopsis Fungorum in America Boreali Media Degentium, by L. D. de Schweinitz

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A commentary on the synopsis fungorum in America borealimedi degentium, by L. D. de Schweinitz ART. XVT1.-A Cornn~.e~7,tu?+y olz Il,e Sy~zo2isis :,.iT~~?cgos.z~.lza 2 i 2 . An~ericd Bo~enZi medid degenti? r , ~ z , b?j L. D. rle rYcl~xoe&zitz. Bythe REV. M. J. BERICBLEY, M. A., F.L.S., and the Rxv. M. A. CURTIS, F. A. A. A. S. With a view to plnce the Mycology of the Uizited States 011 n firm aild stable foundstion, a carefiil esamiization of most of t,he species wliicli still exist in the Herbariiim of Scliweit-iitz hns been ii-istituted by the mutliois of tlie preseiit Memoir. Free nccess lins beeil also 1 i i ~ I to tl-ie nuineroua autllentic speciineiis in t2ie 'IIefiarium of Sir Wm. I.Ioolrer, niid Prof. Torrey lias Irindly presented iis thc collectioiz giverl liim by Scliweinitz. About a fiurth of the species liave passed riiider reviem, and au the exainination of the remninder must necessarily be n worlr of time, we t,hink it beat to publish the preseiit by way of iiistalment. Wlieil the wliole 2ias beeti reviewed, we holse to be in s positioiz to give m complete Mycology OF the United States, for wliiclz we llmve immense inaterials. As Schweinitz did not possess type" of tlie greater part of tlze Europeaiz species, it was impossible that he should not have made many rnistalres in tlie deterrnination of species; but tliougli we liave been conipelled to d;ffer frequently fiom him in liis diagrioses, the species which Iie has published as new, with few exceptions, still hold their place in science, and preseiit numberless points of interest as regards structure arid aenity. He was, Iiowever, very far from exhausting the treasures of the American forests. We have in our possession a host of new species, eq,ua,l in interest t o those which firat gave so high n character to American Fungi; and R review of these authentic specimens has, in only :I very few instances, coinpelled us to change our i-ioineizclnture. There will be iio loiiger deltty in t,he pilblic

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